• Stud (both 5-card and 7-card) is played without the option of trading your cards in for new ones.
  • 5-card stud is played with each player receiving 5 cards, and betting based on the hand in front of them.
  • 7-card stud is played in much the same way except, as the name would indicate, each player receives 7 card sand must make the best 5-card hand possible out of the cards available.
  • In both versions, the first two cards will usually be dealt face down (so only you can see them), then the rest of the cards will be dealt face up, except for the last card.
  • Each time a card is dealt, there's another round of betting.
  • Stud is a popular game because betting is done between every round of the deal, meaning there is the possibility that the pot can get big very quickly. Also, the fact that more cards are involved means that more interesting hands may arise.

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