• In Hold-em (also known as Texas Hold-em), each player is dealt two cards face down.
  • At this point, betting opens based on the two "pocket cards" that each player holds.
  • After betting is complete, the dealer lays out the flop. The flop consists of several cards dealt face up in the middle of the table, used as community cards.
  • The dealer first lays three cards into the flop, so your initial poker hand will consist of the three flop cards plus your two personal cards.
  • There is a betting round, then another card is added to the flop. More betting, and finally a fifth card is added.
  • The goal is for each player to make the best 5-card hand possible based on his/her two pocket cards and any three cards in the flop.
  • This game can be expensive in a casino, and because of its complexity, should only be played by skilled players.

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