If you're a customer with a complaint that's not being taken seriously, try contacting one of the following places:

1. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) helps resolve consumers' disputes with businesses through dispute resolution. Once you file a complaint with the bureau, it is forwarded to the business in question. Because most businesses care about satisfying their customers (and not pissing off the BBB), complaints generally are resolved and the matter is closed. If the Bureau is unable to obtain any cooperation from the company, this will be noted in the business's record and it will be reported to anyone who asks about the company.

2.The State Attorney General may also be a help to disgruntled consumers. It usually has a Consumer Protection Bureau to handle complaints. Although the procedure varies from state to state, the State AGs are responsible for regulating businesses, so they have to address consumer complaints.

3.Your local legislator might also provide an avenue to help unsatisfied customers. Aside from their obvious responsibilities of proposing and voting on legislation, legislators also do a lot of consumer advocacy. A state senator can't really pressure a company to give you your money back, but a legislator can lean on an administrative agency, like the AG's Office, to resolve your complaint quickly.

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