In order to make your stuff sound good, you must SELL YOURSELF. That means that you have to write about your previous work experience in a way that makes you sound like a hot commodity, not a cold potato. Here are some strategies:

  • Write action-oriented sentences. This means that you should make your previous experiences sound as pro-active as possible (you managed, conducted, established, raised, produced, etc.). In other words, use verbs that imply strong action. Avoid "weak" terms like "do" and "responsible for."

  • Write about your previous experiences in a problem-solution format. State what obstacles you overcame in accomplishing tasks. For instance, "Raised $20,000 in funding, a 400% increase from the previous year" sounds impressive.

  • Use details. Nothing impresses people like details. The more details you use, the more legitimate candidate you seem to be, because (1) people remember details more than general statements, and (2) details lend credibility. If you raised money, say how much.

  • Recognize your talents. You must realize that you've done a lot of stuff in your life, and if you think about it, you've gained a lot of useful skills that an employer might be impressed by. Working as a waiter shows that you have tolerance and that you can multi-task. Mentioning your trip to South Africa shows that you're worldly and multi-cultural. Employers don't expect you to have previous experience as a C.E.O. Be proud of what you've done, and sell it.

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