1. Stick to people who are open-minded. This is a definite MUST - ghosts respond only to those who believe in them (a reasonable request, we think). If you want your sance to be a success, go with those who believe, not those who admit to pulling the Ouija pointer to spell dirty words.

2. Sances are generally conducted with three or more people, and some sources say that the number of participants should be divisible by three.

3. Never conduct a sance by yourself, unless you actually want to go insane.

4. Kids shouldn't be invited, as they tend to get freaked out easiest, and could ruin your chances of keeping the ghost around, not to mention that they could be traumatized into wetting themselves at any loud sound for the rest of their lives.

5. While you should invite two or more people, don't invite more guests than you can fit around the table where you plan to hold the sance. The first few minutes of the sance require some group relaxation and meditation, which could be hard to manage if your guests are banging elbows, literally breathing down each others' necks, and sharing chairs for lack of space. It's simply not possible to meditate with half your bottom unsupported.

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