As even the unbelievers know, ghosts are supposed to come out at night, so plan your sance for sometime after the sun goes down.

There are 5 things you will need to hold a proper sance:

  • The Table. Sances are usually held around a round or ovular table, so find one that's large enough to accommodate all your guests and have enough chairs for each participant. Cover the table with a sheet of white cloth or paper.
  • Candles. Place some unlit candles on the center of the table. There should be at least 3 candles; the more the better, but not so many that you might accidentally light a guest's weave on fire. The number of candles on the table should also be divisible by 3 and they should be white (but you can also include some purple or violet ones for spirituality).
  • Incense. There are several scents that are essential for conducting a sance, and the 3 most popular ones are cinnamon, frankincense, and sandalwood.
  • Music. Have some meditation or new age music - anything mild and soothing - playing as your guests are arriving. The purpose of the music is to relax the participants and set the mood; it shouldn't be playing when the sance actually begins.
  • Tape/Video Recorder. People often hold what they initially think to be an unsuccessful sance, only to discover later on when they watch or listen to a taped recording of it that the ghost was actually present. If you run a tape recorder at a sance that supposedly flopped, play back the recording on high volume to see if maybe a very soft-spoken ghost was actually there.

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