1. Begin by joining hands with the people on either side of you and closing your eyes.

2. Depending on your religious beliefs, you (or the medium) might want to say a short invocation or divine blessing before going further, just in case.

3. Then the medium should lead everyone in a deep breathing exercise by instructing them to breathe in slowly through the nose . . . and out slowly through the mouth, while trying to keep their minds blank. The goal is to get everyone calm, comfortable, and in touch with their senses.

4. After a few minutes of this, the medium should ask everyone to say these words together: "Our beloved [name of spirit], we ask that you commune with us and move among us." Repeat the chant until there is a response.

5. A response can take the form of a sudden decrease in room temperature, a slight ache in the area that caused the spirit's death (for example, if the deceased died from a heart attack, sance participants might feel a subtle pain in their chest), or a rapping sound.

6. If after awhile there is no response, the medium can add to the chant: "If you are with us, [name of spirit], please rap once."

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