1. Write for a show that's been on TV for between 3 and 5 seasons. This is because the people that are reading your script will be familiar with the show and its characters, but not completely sick of them.

2. Be sure that the show you write is still on the air. No agents or producers would read a Married . . . with Children or I Love Lucy.

3. There are currently a lot specs being written of King of the Hill, Everybody Loves Raymond, Will and Grace, Dharma and Greg, Just Shoot Me, The Drew Carey Show, and Sex and the City.

4. Write for the show that you like the most. Your enthusiasm will really shine through.

5. You won't get hired to write for the show that your spec is about. In other words, don't send your Sex and the City script to the producers of that show. There are three reasons:

1- the producers aren't allowed to read it for legal reasons (you might claim that they stole the idea from you, when they really thought of it on their own),

2- that show already has enough writers, and

3- they know their own show so well that you could never live up to their expectations.

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