We all know that the best way to get great deals and selection is to buy on the Internet, right? Unfortunately, you shouldn't buy shoes until you've tried them on. Here are a few ways around this dilemma:

1. You could go to a shoe store and buy shoes there. If you want the best selection and the most knowledgeable staff, you should go to a store that specializes in sneakers and other athletic gear. If you want the lowest prices, you should go to one of those big "warehouse-style" shoe places that have high turnover and lots of bargains. Shoe stores will often advertise their specials in the newspaper or elsewhere, so you can check to see where the styles and brands you want are available for the best prices.

2. Try on shoes in a shoe store and then buy them online. You can do this by going to a shoe store, finding the brand, style, and size of shoe that you want and then looking online to see if you can get a better deal. Remember to write down the model number before you leave the store so you can be sure you get the exact same shoe you tried on. Alternatively, you can browse online and find shoes you like for a good price, go to a shoe store (call them first to make sure they have the brand you want), make sure they feel good, find out what size you need, and then go back home and buy them online.

3. A final, braver, lazier option would be to throw caution to the wind and simply buy shoes online without trying them on. We don't recommend this, but it might work out for you if you're simply replacing a worn-out pair of shoes with the exact same kind, or if you find that, say, size 9.5 shoes from a certain manufacturer always fit you.

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