• Assuming you are right-handed, hold the fork in your left hand and knife in your right.

  • With the tines facing downward (curving towards you), hold down an end-piece of whatever you are cutting (let's assume it's meat).

  • Do not hold the knife or fork like a dagger, but rather, place your index finger along the top of each utensil, holding each at the end.

  • Gently, using a sawing motion, cut the meat near the tines of the fork, so that you have one bite-sized piece.

  • Lay the knife down (without allowing it to touch the table), and switch the fork (complete with pierced meat) to your right hand.

  • Bring it up to your mouth, chew quietly, and swallow when the meat is sufficiently masticated.

  • This is called the American (or Zig-Zag) method of cutting food. The Continental (or European) method consists of not switching hands, and using the left hand for all fork-related activities.

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