In the rare instance that more than one agent is interested in representing you right off the bat, there are a few things to look for when deciding between them.

1. An agent's pull. One important quality in an agent is the amount of power he or she has. A powerful agent has influence, lots of good industry relationships, and other clients who are in demand. Ideally, you will be represented by an agent whose agency logo and own name carry a certain cachet.

2. An agent's vibe. You should have a positive vibe from your agent and his or her office. Is he or she excited about you? Do you feel that he or she will fight for you? If this is your first agent, you must also remember that he or she may not be the most powerful agent in town, but you should still get a good feeling when you interview. The office may be small, but is it well-organized? Your agent may not be friendly, but do you trust the agent? You may not get a ton of auditions, but does your agent submit you? (You'll know how often you are submitted by how often he or she needs more photos and resumes from you.)

3. Meshing of minds. Your agent should see you the same way that you see yourself. If you think you're a wholesome "girl-next-door" type, and your agent is sending you on auditions for middle-aged, trailer trash, alcoholic hookers, something is wrong. You won't get the job and the casting directors (CDs) will be pissed that everyone's time was wasted.

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