1. Know your type. People need to know what they're getting when they call you in to audition. So, if you are not a model-type, please do not get glamorous headshots. But if you are gorgeous, let the viewer know. Likewise, if you are nerdy, don't try to be slick and all put together in your photo. There are plenty of roles for nerdy types, so just be yourself.

2. Get photographer referrals from fellow actors whose photos you like. If you don't know any other actors, then try purchasing The Working Actors' Guide. This is available in LA and NYC editions at Samuel French theatrical bookstores. It is updated every year and lists everything that an actor needs to know, including photographers in your area.

3. Get your photos taken in the market you want to work. LA photos are different from NY photos.

4. Get a commercial shot and a theatrical shot. This just means that one shot will be used for casting commercials, and the other for film, theater and TV. Conventional wisdom has held that the commercial shot should be smiley, and the theatrical shot more serious, but this is an oversimplification. For both types of shots, think about how you will be cast and tailor the photo to that image. It is a good idea to have more than two shots, just for variety.

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