1. Attach you photo back-to-back with an 8 x 10 resume with staples neatly in each corner, or get resumes professionally printed on the back of your photos.

2. Your resume will have your name at the top, then the names of any actors' unions to which you belong.

3. A voice mail or message service phone number should be prominent so that the agents will know how to contact you (this will eventually be replaced with an agency logo, if we've done our job).

4. Your height, weight, eye and hair colors come next.

5. Below that, begin listing your credits, or the things that you've acted in (extra work doesn't count). If you have any film experience, that comes first under the heading "Film." Television credits are next on the page, followed by Theater, Training and Education, and finally Special Skills (e.g., trick rollerblading, world champion bobsledder, certified lifeguard)

6. Look at sample resumes online at LA Casting, or ask other actors or your acting coach for tips on layout.

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