1. The most effective way to get an agency interview is to get a personal referral. This is often through your acting coach. But it may also be through your half-aunt's brother-in-law's college roommate's daughter. So conducting effective networking is key.

2. Do paid agent or industry showcases. These usually involve preparing a scene or monologue and paying a company to perform it for agents that they bring in. These showcase companies can be found in The Working Actors' Guide. These are great because they usually cost about thirty bucks a pop, and you already get the agent to look at you and your work.

3. Join the actors' online service LA Casting in LA, which keeps your headshot and resume online for casting directors, and offers many actor resources.

4. The most common (and most difficult) way to get an agent is to submit your headshot and resume, unsolicited, by mail. The VAST majority of these photos end up trashed. Most will sit in a stack for weeks or months before they are even opened.

5. Avoid giving your home number or address (you never know who will see this, especially if it does end up in the trash) so give a cell phone, pager, voice mail, or calling service number instead.

6. Send out your resume and headshot in a manila envelope, closed with the brads but not sealed.

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