1. When an agency calls you for an interview, it is up to you to be on time, be delightfully charismatic, and to look like a million bucks.

2. Look like your photo so they don't say "who the hell is this joker?" when you walk in the door.

3. You will usually be asked to prepare a monologue. Get help on your monologue from an acting coach to make sure you don't suck. You will also be asked to do a cold-reading, (which means that you will be asked to read a scene that they give you "cold," or unprepared).

4. Be prepared with some interesting, funny stories about your background so you can charm their pants off and appear to be extemporaneously witty.

5. Don't forget that the interview is your chance to interview the agent, as well. So ask the agent tons of questions. It'll make you look smart.

6. The agency will usually, but not always, offer you representation on the spot at the end of the interview if they are interested.

7. If they do offer to represent you, you can either accept or (more wisely) express your enthusiasm but tell them that you still have a few more appointments and that you will be in touch very soon. Even if this is not true, it will put you in a good position and will give you time to think about the offer outside the pressure of the interview.

8. If you aren't immediately offered representation, you're not out of the running. If you are not a member of the actors' union (and sometimes even if you are), an agency will hip-pocket you. This means that they are representing you on a trial basis, and by oral agreement rather than signing you to the written SAG contract.

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