The classic mistake is, of course, tattooing yourself with the name of your main squeeze. You'll be in quite a jam if you two decide to go your separate ways. Besides that, there are so many other interesting meaningful designs that you can choose. The most important thing to consider is the permanence of tattoos. You have to think carefully about what sort of image or design has the kind of lasting significance to you that you cannot imagine being erased by time. The tattoo ain't going anywhere unless you put in more money and a few more hours in the chair, and even then it's not going to look perfect.

In terms of styles, the basic distinction in tattoos is between "flash" or stock tattoos, and custom tattoos. Flash tattoos are the ones pictured on the walls that range from standard old favorites (anchors, hearts, skulls) to the artist's custom designs that he or she is willing to do for a flat rate. Custom tattoos are designed or requested by you, and then worked out with the tattoo artist. You can draw your tattoo yourself, get a friend to draw it, or tell the artist what you want and get him or her to draw it.

There are many different styles of tattoos and you can research to your hearts cotent on (Trust me, bring a lunch!)It describes the following styles and more:

  • Black and gray work: only drawn in shades of black and gray
  • Traditional: strong black outlines and bright colors (think about the heart with an arrow through it)
  • Fineline: delicate, finely-detailed tattoos
  • Tribal: bold designs reminiscent of ancient tattoos
  • Realistic: photographic-quality work
  • Custom: an original tattoo designed by you

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