For a successful tea-leaf reading, all you'll need is a melodramatic demeanor, a few kitchen supplies, and a gullible friend that looks equally bored. What you need:

  • Loose tea, any flavor. "Loose" tea means that you're using actual tea leaves that float loose in your cup instead of using a tea bag. We recommend that you use a Chinese tea or one with a minimum of fine-grained dust.

  • A white or pastel teacup with a wide brim. It needs to be white, or you won't be able to read the dark leaves at the bottom, and it should have a wide brim so that the leaves have a greater area to stick to at the bottom of the cup. If you're at work, a Styrofoam cup will do.

  • A wide saucer.

  • A teaspoon.

Now you're ready to make some tea.

  1. Place a teapot full of water on the stove. Oh, and make sure the stove is on.

  2. Place the dry tea leaves on a saucer. Have your friend stir them around while the water is boiling. Murmur something unintelligible during this stage for drama's sake.
    (the amount doesn't matter).

  3. Brew the tea without a strainer, making sure that the leaves are loose within the pot.

  4. After the tea starts steaming, have your friend pour some into the cup.

  5. Let it cool. Sit around, relax, work on your resume, play poker, whatever.

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