It's time for your grand finale: making sense of it all. Assume your most imperious expression and make varying noises of surprise, horror and glee. Ignore the look of fear on your subject's face. Predicting when something will happen is one of the most fun parts of reading tea leaves because it makes you look methodical and scientific.

There are three different patterns that will tell you when something will happen:

1. The symbols are spread randomly around the cup: If the symbols are spread randomly around your cup

  • Examine the cup clockwise to predict events by months (and up to a year) into the future.

  • Start at the handle of the teacup; it represents the time and place of the reading.

  • Hold the cup in your left hand, as if you were about to drink from it, and imagine a line across the bottom of the cup from the handle to the opposite side. This opposing side will indicate six months into the future.

  • The top of the cup, or the farthest part of the cup above this line, indicates three months into the future and the part furthest to the bottom indicates nine months ahead.

  • An easy way to visualize this is to imagine a clock placed over the cup. The handle, or nine o'clock, represents now, the top, or twelve o'clock, represents three months into the future, the opposing side, or three o'clock, represents six months into the future, and the bottom, six o'clock, represents nine months into the future.

  • If something is located between any of these sections, assign a month to it the same way you would an hour on a clock. For example, if a symbol is halfway between twelve o'clock, or three months, and three o'clock, or six months, it will happen about four and half months into the future.

  • Be patient with this method. While it may seem confusing, with your first reading you'll figure it out.

2. All of the symbols fall in a clear clockwise spiral within the cup: If all of the symbols fall in a clear clockwise spiral within the cup, the symbols will appear to be moving toward you. In this case, the top of the spiral is when an instigating event will take place, and the other events are the subsequent results. Also and the significance of the event is great and it will happen very soon. Shorthand: clockwise = something's happening soon.

3. All of the symbols fall in a clear counterclockwise spiral within the cup: If the symbols move in a clear counterclockwise spiral within the cup, the symbols are moving away from you and losing their significance. Shorthand: counterclockwise = nothing's happening too soon.

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