The importance of each symbol is determined by the placement of the symbols on the rim, sides and bottom of the cup.

  • Symbols on the rim represent things that are very important. These are the BIG, life-changing moments.

  • Symbols on the sides of the cup represent things that are significant, but not life changing.

  • Symbols on the bottom indicate things that are subject to change. Some fortune-tellers believe that if a symbol is located smack-dab on the bottom center of a cup spell it spells tragedy, so if this happens during one of your readings, milk it for all it's worth.

So here's an example: If all of the leaves are randomly spread around the cup and you see a clearly-marked acorn on the rim at the top of your cup, then your subject will experience financial success three months from now. If the symbols seem to form a clockwise spiral and you see a face, a fountain, and a coin, your friend will very soon have a change in friendships that will bring great happiness and prosperity. If the subject told you of a rocky relationship that has been bothering him before the reading, proclaim this triumphantly as the answer to his problem.

Need some more last minute clues? Here are some to help you get going:

  • Symbols that lie in straight lines indicate a definite occurrence.

  • Curved or wavy lines indicate the possibility of change.

  • Crystal clear symbols are events that are more likely to occur than, shall we say, "stretches of interpretation."

  • Check over your cup for lines, numbers, shapes or letters first, and interpret any clear symbols. Then follow the rules about lines above.

  • If the subject told you of any questions that he had before the reading, try to tailor your prediction to these queries. However, if nothing applies, just hint that the leaves are being mysterious. YOU are not, after all, responsible for the vagaries of the divine.

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