Bleaching is the most effective way to whiten your teeth (once done, you will probably not need to get a touch-up for a few years). If price is not an issue and you want to get the whole thing over with in one sitting, the "Power Bleach" is probably the best choice for you. Also known as "Chairside" whitening, this process takes place in your dentist's office and can last anywhere from 30 - 120 minutes. Here are the basic steps of the procedure:

1. While in the dentist's office, you will be fitted for a dental tray-a mouthpiece that covers your teeth (but not your gums).

2. A bleaching gel of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide, with the active ingredient of carbamide peroxide, will fill the tray. Your teeth will sit in this treatment for 30 - 60 minutes.

3. With the help of heat and light exposure from the dentist's laser instruments, the gel breaks down. As this occurs, oxygen enters the enamel and the dentin of your teeth and bleaches only the colored substances. The structure of your teeth DOES NOT CHANGE. (It is not like sanding down your teeth, as many fear, nor does it affect the chemical makeup of your teeth.)

The price range for chair-side treatment can range from around $390 - $1,200 for both upper and lower arches. The price range is quite broad because there are frequent discounts on the procedure.

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