1. Jacket. You can choose anything from single-breasted one button to double breasted six button with tails. What to choose? Check out Tuxedos Direct, a site that shows diagrams of the various jacket styles. Another thing to consider is which style best compliments your figure.
  2. Shirt. Tuxedo shirts have evolved over the years creating many styles. But our advice is to stay traditional.
  3. Pants. Most tuxedo pants will match the tuxedo style you have selected, so there's not much room for decisions here.
  4. Vest or Cummerbund. Here's your chance to make a personal statement. To most affairs, it is acceptable to pair a tie with a cummerbund or vest. You can select the color and style of your choice in this area. If you're going to a prom, feel free to exercise a little creativity (you're young, so people won't hold bad taste against you).
  5. Shoes. Shoes worn with tuxedos are usually very simple, free of extensive decoration or design. Most are made of plain patent leather.
  6. Socks. This is one accessory that is necessary. Put away the tube socks with the red and blue stripes and invest in a simple black formal sock. Your socks should go unnoticed at a formal event; this is not an element of your attire with which you should experiment.
  7. Tie. Ties rented from a shop are frequently basic, most being of the clip-on variety.
  8. Cufflinks. The final touch of your tuxedo ensemble is cufflinks. While most shops will provide you with a rental, you can make a dashing statement with a personalized pair of your own.

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