There are two main types of tux shops: large chain stores and smaller boutiques.

  • Chain stores: These kinds of places offer a wide range of sizes and styles and are usually the most reasonably priced. Most tuxedo rentals will range between $50 and $100. Of course, you could always choose to spend $9.99 and get yourself one of those lame tuxedo T-shirts. But that would make you a loser. Large chains are inexpensive, quick and painless. They will usually have many basic styles and colors of ties and cummerbunds.

  • Smaller boutiques: Small boutiques offer a greater selection of designer looks and classic, elegant accessories. Attention is more personalized and the alterations may be slightly more precise. The cost is usually a little higher at these destinations, but for the debonair, money-is-no-object type of gentleman, boutiques are an ideal choice. Of course, if you were a debonair, money-is-no-object type of gentleman, you'd own your own tuxedo already. Our verdict: go to a large chain store.

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