It's your moment (and we mean moment; it won't probably won't last longer than 10 minutes) to convince the producer or executive that he/she (and the viewers) will love it too. Here's how to maximize those 10 minutes:

1. Arrive at least 15 minutes early.

2. Bring extra copies of your treatment and any other material you have been asked to provide. Your meeting will involve you, a Development or Creative Affairs Executive, an assistant, and maybe a few other people who dropped in to cruise the snack tray.

3. You'll be asked to give a verbal description of your story. Consider this a friendly chat about you and your big idea.

4. It's wise to have two or more pitches ready in the meeting, just in case you're doing great but the executive already has an idea like yours in the works.

5. Remember that you are SELLING yourself and your idea. Your goal is to hook your 'audience'-the people listening to your pitch. Be upbeat, positive, and passionate. Use creative props if you think they'll help illustrate your story. Don't read from your treatment, but do distribute copies.

6. Be willing to answer questions readily, and be flexible about suggestions, but don't lose your train of thought. Believe in yourself and be positive! Your goal is to make the Development Executive your ally, as he/she may want to champion your idea to his/her bosses.

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