1. Be very careful when you order food in restaurants. Some restaurants won't have anything at all you can eat, but most will have something which can be modified to your specifications. Make sure you tell your server exactly what you don't want in your food. Don't be shy!

  2. Don't get drawn into stupid arguments with unknowledgeable people. When people find out that you are a vegan, they will often seem to feel threatened or irritated and they will ask you for an exhaustive defense of your diet. It's not your responsibility to defend your diet. You can eat or not eat whatever the hell you want.

  3. Don't bug other people. When you're eating with other people and they're eating meat, don't be annoying or self-righteous. Vegans who do that set "the cause" back ten years every time they open their mouths.

  4. Get into a routine. You should experiment with new foods at first, just to see what you like, and there's never any harm in trying new recipes or foods. Once you figure out some meals that you like, however, go ahead and eat them frequently.

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