There are three major types of short-term visas, and as with most government documents, some of these have awkward numerical names.

1. There is a "visitor's visa," which is intended to allow a foreign citizen to come to America for up to three months. If your intention is simply to take a vacation in America or to come out for a special occasion like a wedding or graduation, this is the visa you need.

2. If you intend to study in America, you will need to apply for a distinct visa: either an F-1 or a J-1. These visas will last as long as your degree program (e.g., up to 4 years for an undergraduate degree and 2 or 3 for a graduate program). While these student visas may allow you to work for a couple of months after you graduate as part of "practical training" toward your overall education, they do not allow you to work full-time during the school year.

3. If you want to come to America to work a full-time job for only a finite period of years, you will need to apply for an H visa.

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