In order to obtain a visa, you will need to ease the U.S. government's concern that you are using these papers as a cover for traveling to America and then remaining there indefinitely. You must demonstrate a bona fide non-immigrant intent. There are several things to which you can point to demonstrate this non-immigrant intent.

  1. Explain your financial ties to your home country. If you have wrapped yourself up in business dealings at home, the U.S. consular division is less likely to think that you will ditch all of that sunk cost simply to run off to America. Bank accounts, stock certificates, bond coupons, or any other items that can prove your financial ties will be helpful to have handy. Of course, having a home or other assets in your home country is also excellent evidence of non-immigrant intent, and you should have proof of those assets available.
  2. Obtain proof of family ties, if you have any, in your home country. If you have a spouse and children at home, this will assuage the Americans' fears. Even having other immediate family members will help, so gather some evidence that describes your relationship to them, including their names, residences, occupations, and ages. Affidavits from your relatives will help.

  3. Proffer some evidence of your ties to your home community. If you participate in any social, political, religious, or cultural organizations, bring some proof.

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