In choosing a design, there are 6 things you should keep your eye on:

  • Color: The color you select will depend upon your own coloring; dark-skinned brunettes look good in ivory or beige, and fair-skinned blondes may find they look better in a white pastel or pure white gown.

  • Length: The type of wedding you're having will affect your gown's length. Full-length gowns are fitting for formal weddings. At informal weddings, which are typically small in size and fanfare (and common for second, third, and fourth+ marriages), the bride can wear a knee-length skirt. The skirt should cover the knees and drape at least one inch below the top of the kneecap. Ankle-length is acceptable too, and it can be very classy, sexy, fashionable and romantic.

  • Silhouette: The "silhouette" refers to the shape of the gown and how it hugs your body. Popular styles include the Princess and A-line, ball gown (i.e., the Cinderella look), sheaths, a mermaid shape, an empire silhouette, or a two-piece.

  • Train: We suggest that if you want the long train, that it be detachable so that it won't get stepped on, torn, or otherwise ruined during the reception.

  • Mood: The mood of your dress can be Romantic, Modern, Traditional, or Classic.

  • Size: As with any other wardrobe selection, when it comes to picking a wedding dress, size does matter. For brides petite and large, the size of a bridal gown is ordered based on measurements of bust, waist, hips and height. Check this chart out to get an idea.

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