Wrestlers are mostly divided up into good guys and bad guys. The good guys are known as "faces," which is short for "babyface," while the bad guys are known as "heels." A given wrestler will often change from heel to face and back again a number of times during his career. When a face changes to a heel, it is called a "heel turn," and when the opposite happens it is a "face turn." Watching these changes of virtue take place is one of the most interesting and hilarious aspects of wrestling. The announcers are often divided up along heel and face lines, too, with one face announcer and one heel. If the heel announcer starts to say complimentary things about a face, there's a good chance that the wrestler will do a heel turn in the near future. Watching the events that set up this turn can be extremely amusing.

Not all wrestlers are faces or heels. Some wrestlers don't have enough of an identity to be either, while some are just somehow caught in between. Appropriately enough, such wrestlers are called tweeners. Some tweeners are legitimately not billed as either a face or a heel, and it's up to the audience to figure out how they feel about the wrestler. And some wrestlers get cast as heels, but the audience like them so much that they react to them like faces. That's not such a bad thing for the promotion and it can be great for the wrestler. However, if a wrestler is being cast as a face and the crowd reacts to him as a heel, it's usually bad for both the promotion and the wrestler. Most wrestling fans are pretty malleable, so if you can't convince them to like a guy, it means they really really hate him.

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