Toward the beginning of the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally..., Harry (Billy Crystal) tells Sally (Meg Ryan) that men and women can never be friends, because the sex part always gets in the way. But it doesn't really turn out that way for our two protagonists. The movie takes place over the course of the seventies and eighties, during which Harry and Sally meet and become friends, meet several more times, and deal with huge amounts of sexual tension. We, the noble viewers, know that they're perfect for each other. But Harry and Sally are so paranoid about relationships that they just don't see it.

As you can tell, this film does not have guns, explosions, or even a stray offscreen beheading. It's a lot of talking, but it's some of sharpest dialogue you'll ever hear in a movie, and all of it's funny. (The script is by Nora Ephron, who went on to make another romantic film with Meg Ryan, Sleepless in Seattle.) Sally is the emotional center of the film, trying to keep Harry as a friend but afraid that the sex part will get in the way and destroy the friendship. Because of this constant tension, the movie feels very realistic. Platonic friendships (particularly where both parties are single) are hard to manage, and this movie hits it right on the head.

If you're not so hot about the romance angle, don't worry, because as a comedy the film is equally classic. In the most famous scene, Sally proves to Harry how well women can "fake it," by demonstrating in a crowded deli. There are other great scenes too, featuring a warped game of Pictionary, Sally's unique process of ordering a meal in a restaurant, and her less than pitch-perfect singing voice.

When Harry Met Sally... occasionally comes off as a little too New York-ish - you half expect Jerry Seinfeld to walk in at any moment. But Seinfeld was funny, right? So we recommend that you give this one a chance.


  • Nominated for 1 Academy Award - Best Screenplay (they was robbed)

  • Made over $90 million . . . a lot of dough for a talky, sorta intellectual romance movie

  • Meg Ryan's first hit