There's a really cheesy saying that nonetheless holds true about how to dress for a job interview: dress to impress. If you walk into your interview in dirty khakis and a wrinkled shirt, you've already lost the job. But if you walk in looking like a million dollars, it'll send a message to the interviewer that you're professional. Depending on what type of job you are going for, there are different dress codes that apply. No matter what the job is though, when you look in the mirror, two words need to come to mind: neat and clean. Check out "SYW dress better? (for women)" and "SYW buy a men's suit?" for some hints to steer you towards fashion success.

There are two general routes that you could go when dressing for a job interview, depending on what the position is:

  • If you are applying for any corporate job, think conservative. Your only good choice is a black or navy blue suit (in a skirt version for the ladies). Traditional, traditional, traditional. Even going out on a limb with a light suit is a bad idea. Corporations want to know you are going to respect them. Period.

  • If you are going for a more creative job (film, publishing, the arts) you have a little more leeway. While you still want to look well-kept, you can feel comfortable. You can forego traditional black/brown for some brighter colors. But don't get carried away - that short little green number you picked up last weekend isn't going to fit the bill. Ladies can strut their stuff in a sweater and pants or a long skirt, for example. As for the gentlemen, you can forego the tie, but nice pants and a dress shirt are still your best bet for impressing the big bad interviewer.