Okay, so after carefully planning and taking all the proper precautions, you're exhausted, right? Well, relax. While your main duty is to show your best buddy a good time, you'll hopefully have a great time yourself.

First, you might want to start off the evening right, by embarrassing your victim . . . er, groom. While the guest of honor should be abreast of all your major plans, you should still have a few surprises up your sleeve. What bachelor party would be complete, for instance, without the ol'-ball-and-chain? No, not the bride-to-be, we mean an actual toy ball-and-chain for him to drag around all night by his ankle. You can easily construct one for about $8. Another mainstay, of course, is the blow-up doll. Make it a rule for the night that he carries it wherever he goes.

While what you do for the night is entirely up to you, you'll probably want to focus on "guy stuff." Some activities that are practically mandatory include drinking heavily - cheap beer, good whiskey or scotch and tequilla are recommended. Even if the groom's not a big drinker, do a shot or two with your best pals, tell dirty jokes, or play drinking games.

Other optional activities that may be fun and appropriate include:

  • Watching porno movies (a very "guy" behavior).
  • Playing poker.
  • Mooning someone on the highway.
  • Getting a random woman to massage the groom.
  • Getting the groom to buy a gorgeous woman a drink-just to prove he still has "the touch."
  • Generally doing embarrassing (but harmless) things.

Finally, sometimes you and guests can provide your own entertainment. At many bachelor parties, the best man and other close friends will give the groom a good ol' fashioned roast. Be sure to dig up all the dirt you can from his past. Think of it this way: your friend will learn from his mistakes before he ties the knot.