How many people should I invite to the bachelor party?
While this can vary a lot (in the range from 5 to 30), the important thing is to only invite people who won't tell the bride about the groom's exploits during the party.

Can I invite women to a bachelor party?
Yes: close female friends of the groom who won't describe the party to the bride need not be excluded.

Should I invite the groom's co-workers?
Only if you're willing to invite all of them. Exclusion of some of them can lead to an ugly situation.

Can I throw a surprise bachelor party?
Bad idea. You'll want to get the groom's input about whom to invite and about how wild the party should be. Not every night is a good time for beer and strippers, so it's best not to surprise anyone.

What are non-stripper related options for the party?
Have the party at a sporting event, casino, or based around some sort of outdoor activity (such as white water rafting or paintball). A low-key affair at a restaurant or hotel lounge is another possibility.

When should I have the bachelor party?
Having the party the night, or even the weekend, before the wedding can be very stressful for groom and best man alike. Allow at least a week between the bachelor party and the wedding.

Who pays for the party?
It is customary for everybody to split the expense (except for the groom, who doesn't pay anything).

What's the best way to start off the party?
Traditionally, the party begins with some sort of embarrassment of the groom. This can be a roast, with everyone telling good-natured but mildly humiliating stories about the groom, or making the groom do something silly like hit on a beautiful woman.

What are some standard bachelor party activities?
Playing poker, watching porno movies, mooning people on the highway, and, of course, drinking.

What sort of transportation should I arrange?
Renting a van (for about $70) is your best bet if you can get a designated driver. If not, you can hire a limo service, but make sure to negotiate the price beforehand.

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