So you've just woken up with your sweetheart beside you and you're feeling great. But don't get complacent: you've probably got lethal morning breath and your sweet baboo is about to start regretting that little slumber party. You'll want to quash any second thoughts right away. What's the best way to do that? Bust out the a.m. culinary skillz, baby! Nothing impresses a date like a wonderful touch in the kitchen. If you've gotten your special someone to spend the night, then we know you'll have studied SoYouWanna cook a romantic dinner? and that you can learn this - so don't screw things up now by throwing a donut at your honey and telling him/her, "Sure, I'll call."

The prospect of cooking up some goodies in the kitchen can trigger a little panic, but let us reassure you: you can keep this as simple as you like or you can bring out the big guns. It's up to you. Adjust your efforts in relation to your need to impress. For all of the following suggestions, you're going to need to slip out of bed first to go and round up the goodies (don't forget to dress yourself, though!). Just tell your honey to keep sleeping and that you'll be back in a second. Of course, to make this work most smoothly, you should get your act together in advance. That means you're either going to have to evaluate with complete honesty your ability to bed this person, or you're just going to have to be prepared to eat alone, albeit very well, the next morning.


In addition to stockpiling ingredients in advance, you're going to need a certain amount of hardware to pull this off convincingly. That includes pots and pans, of course, but aside from the cookware, you'll need a stylish vector to transport the fruit of all your labor to your love's mouth. No matter how delectable your food may be, carrying it into the bedroom on an old pizza box just ain't going to cut it so be sure to acquire a decent tray. Ideally, you'll be able to find one with legs that fold down to create a little table over the diner's lap.

On that tray, you really need only one extraneous accoutrement: a bud vase. Lost you? A bud vase is a small vase designed to hold only a single flower - we recommend a rose. Again, buy the rose in advance unless you happen to have some lying about in your kitchen, then store it in your fridge with the stem in water. The cold will prevent the rose from opening up, and the aesthetic of a tight bud is much preferred by those in the know.

So, with the decorations arranged, you will of course still need some basic eating utensils: cutlery and plates. You're not hosting English royalty here, so don't obsess about this - just make sure they are clean. Remnants of your last breakfast snuggle may not impress your love. For your drinks, let's try to find some champagne flutes. The only other thing you'll need is a napkin, to minimize the inevitable spills that result from eating in bed. . . and from the cavorting about you may do afterwards. Try to make the napkin a cloth one; in a pinch, a piece of paper towel will have to do but wood pulp products are just inherently tacky.