While picking your actual phone, see if the phones in your price range include accessories that you want. Some examples of accessories to ask for are:
  • Number storage - can the phone hold an address book of frequently called numbers? If so, how many can it hold?
  • Voice mail - does it include the ability for callers to leave voice messages?
  • Text messaging - does it have the option for callers to leave text messages? (Text messaging is a service that callers can choose where they speak a message, and it is typed verbatim by the service, and appears on your screen.)
  • Fax capabilities - can you hook up your phone and send faxes?
  • Caller ID - can you see the number of the person who called when they called?
  • Paging - can your phone double up as a pager?
  • Call waiting - does it have it?
  • Conference calling - does it have it?
  • E-mail - can you hook a computer up to your phone and get Internet/e-mail access?
  • Insurance - some phones can be pretty expensive, so if something happens to yours, will you be covered?
NOW it's time to call those numbers we gave you, complete with a list of 1-the number of minutes you need, 2-where you'll usually be using the phone, 3-when you'll usually be using the phone, and 4-all of the accessories you want. Then once you have a calling plan from a service provider signed and your phone in hand, you are ready to dial. Who are you going to call? Do not say anything about anyone who has anything to do with ghosts or the busting of said ghosts thereof.