Can I send the same cover letter to different companies in the same industry?
You can use some of the same text, but make sure to include some details specific to the individual company in every letter to show that you've done some research.

What are some good specific details about a company to put in a cover letter?
Some good things to mention are the company's major clients or customers, its history, important recent developments in the company, or something about the company's employment needs.

Who should the letter be addressed to?
Call the company or look on the Internet to find out who accepts resumes. Make sure to address the letter to that person; never begin with "Dear sir or madam".

What sort of paper should I use?
Use white or ivory paper only. Do not use paper with patterns, borders, a picture, or anything fancy.

What contact information should I give in my cover letter?
Write your address, telephone number (personal - don't use your business number unless you're sure it won't lead to trouble at your current job), email address, and the date, in that order, in the top right-hand corner.

Can I send a photocopy?
No. You must send an original, signed letter.

How creative should I be with the format of the cover letter?
Use a very traditional format unless you are applying for a job in the arts. You don't want your format to be a distraction.

Should I refer to myself in the first person in my cover letter?
Yes, in a cover letter, it is standard to use the first person "I" in your writing (unlike a rsum, where it is uncommon to use "I").

Should I explain why I am leaving my current job?
No. Instead, explain why you want this job. You'll have plenty of time to explain yourself in your interview.

How long should my cover letter be?
The cover letter should be composed of three to four paragraphs and be no more than one page long.

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