OK, so you have your basic clothes. So now your job is to find a look that works, stick with it, and milk it for all it's worth. Stan recommends that the best way to take advantage of your new fashion savvy is to assemble a "uniform." This is a foolproof method:

  • Once you find a style of pants that work for you, buy five pairs. Buy them in colors such as black, navy and khaki that can be easily mixed and matched with a variety of tops.

  • Once you find a type of shirt and V-neck sweater that looks good on you, buy several of them in different colors.

If you have a business casual dress policy at work, assembling a uniform will make your life much easier in the morning. Plus, a business casual policy means you can stretch that work wardrobe into an evening wardrobe, which should encourage you to splurge a little (since you don't have to invest thousands of dollars on suits).

But what will people think if you wear the same type of outfit all the time? Consider this: What did Joe Co-worker wear last week? Can't remember, right? Men are lucky. They can get away with wearing the same suit all week with a different tie and no one will notice. However, you DO remember the yellow suit Jane Co-Worker wore last week and wore again the following Tuesday. The slut. And besides, women won't care if you have a limited wardrobe; they're just happy you're presentable and not drooling on yourself. That comes later.