We've come up with a pledge that you must take on behalf of your ferret the day he comes home with you. So get up on the table, place your hand over your heart, and repeat after us:

  1. I will give my ferret lots of treats. Don't overindulge, but also don't save the treats just for training purposes. Most pet stores sell ferret treats, but you can check out this page for more treat ideas, most of which you'll already have at home.

  2. I promise to watch where I walk and sit. Ferrets have extremely flexible bones, but they can be broken easily. So shuffle when you walk, and don't step on any lumps under the carpet. Make sure your ferret isn't napping on the couch, bed, or armchair before you plop down. Put your ferret away if you have visitors in your house/apartment so he doesn't get trampled or scared when your grandma chases "that big rat she saw under the bed." If your ferret does get smushed, get him to a vet immediately, even if he doesn't show any signs of pain.

  3. I won't let my ferret lead a monotonous life. Ferrets get bored easily, and a really cool game or day excursion every now and then can keep your pet happy. Take him to the park and let him dig in the dirt. If you do so, be sure to keep him on a harness leash, and make sure he's had his yearly booster shot. Ferrets don't sweat, so stay in the shade and keep water handy if it's hot outside (don't ever take him outside if it's over 85 degrees or under 50 degrees). If it's snowing, dump a bucket of snow in your tub for some digging fun. Stay innovative and your ferret won't be lost to the Dark Side.

  4. Even if I get another ferret, I will give each of my pets an equal amount of attention, no matter how cute the newcomer is. Don't play favorites, or they won't send you a card on Mother's Day.