You've stretched, you've hydrated, you've carbo-loaded… now what? With thoughts of glory consuming your mind, you mustn't forget to make sure there's actually a race being offered in your area. Here and here you'll find a couple of great places to search for marathons.


  • Most sponsoring organizations will allow you to register up to the morning of the race (with a bit higher of a registration fee), but we recommend signing up well in advance just to be on the safe side.

  • For the larger and more popular races, like the New York City Marathon, you'll have to register a few weeks or months in advance. Not everyone who applies even gets to run - since so many people are interested, they have to use a lottery system to choose the participants.

And off you go! There are some important points to remember as you're running:

At least a week before the marathon, really ease up on your training schedule (say, 3 miles every other day). You don't want to burn yourself out before the race begins.

If you're not feeling well, then don't run. You'll get other chances.

Bring water with you, and drink as much of it as you can during the run.

  • After the big day, you should congratulate yourself for your hard work. In fact, make sure your friends congratulate you, too. You may even want to wear your medal out to a bar. On second thought, that would be pretty lame.

  • Rest for a week after the run. Don't begin your rest on the day of the run, however; you'll need to keep on your feet and walk around in order to avoid some serious soreness.

  • After you've recuperated, feel free to begin training for your next race. You'll feel better in the long run (pun most definitely intended).