This is another relaxing and pleasant move that isn't intended to apply much pressure; we're still building up to the deep muscle manipulation. The "circling hands" move requires you to trace semi-circles or circles on the body, which is simple enough, but the hands will alternate on the way around the circle. This feels good because the point of pressure keeps shifting subtly during the motion.

  1. To start, place your right hand flat on the lower back, perpendicular to the victim's spine, with your fingers on the left side of the body.

  2. Begin to move your hand counterclockwise (toward the spine) slowly, while pressing, in a semicircular motion. Don't turn your hand--your fingers should be pointing in the same direction throuhgout the move.

  3. When your right hand has moved a few inches, quickly and seamlessly remove it and replace it with the left hand. You should perform this replacement by placing the left hand on the trailing edge of the right hand, so that it is resting partly on the right hand and partly on the body, and then removing the right hand when the left hand is ready to take over. Then move that hand for a couple of inches and replace it with the right hand.

  4. Do this slowly, firmly, and smoothly until the hands have traced about a half circle (the left hand has ended up on the victim's left side, perpendicular to the spine, and about halfway up the back).

  5. With the left hand still resting on the body at the "end" of the half circle, place the right hand back on the starting point and repeat the motion.

  6. Do this until you become comfortable with the motion and then begin to move to other parts of the back.

This movement is not as versatile as the other movements described in this article, so don't worry if you find there are only a few places you can use it. You need a fair amount of smooth surface to do it, so the back, shoulders, stomach, and upper chest are probably your only options. It might seem a little strange, but it feels really cool. You can vary the speed, too, once you get used to it, doing it with a quick fluidity or a slow, rhythmic pressure.