Why ten? Ten is, after all, such an arbitrary number . . . Well we have two thoughts on the subject:
  1. Because most of the world's mathematical systems use a base of ten, a tendency likely derived from our early, cave-dwelling ancestors having ten fingers with which to count.
  2. Because things grouped in tens look pretty. So shut up and read.

Every week, we will proudly present you with our Top 10 lists. Then you'll be able to toss your newfound knowledge around at parties, and pretend that you know tons about a particular subject (when you really know only 10 things).

One note, though: there are many ways to splice and dice a Top 10 list, depending on what criteria are used. So think of these suckers as general lists of interest and not the definitive source of such information. So read on, and find out just how beautiful 10s can be.