Australia's seasons are reversed from those of the Northern Hemisphere. So summer occurs during December, and winter during July. The southern two-thirds of Australia are a temperate climate zone, with temperatures ranging roughly between 32F to 59F in the wintertime, and 59F to 87F in the summertime. Snow is incredibly rare, but you shouldn't plan any beach frolics if traveling in winter.

The northern third of Australia is a far hotter place, with temperatures ranging from 68F to 86F in winter and up to 104F in summer. In the north, the seasons are divided by rainfall, with the wet time lasting from November to April and the dry time from May to October. The wet season does not only mean "you will get wet" but also "you might not be able to travel, as roads may be washed out." So while planning your trip, you should always check out the predicted weather forecast.

Bear in mind that you are not the only person who wants to travel during the dry, warm seasons. The busiest time for Australian travelers is during the summer vacation, which falls between late November and mid-February. If you do travel during these months, plan well in advance to avoid last minute high costs.

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