One way to get around Australia is to walk. While this is a stunningly obvious option, you may be interested in venturing a little further than around the block. Fortunately, Australia's cities have many other ways to get you to places where they can take your tourist dollars:

If you're feeling rich and antisocial, you can always rent a car, but please remember that Australians drive on the left side of the road. You are allowed to drive in Australia with a valid, current driver's license from your home country, but you may have problems renting a vehicle without an International Driver's License. While most roads in Australia are paved and well maintained, those in the Outback can offer quite a different experience than the urban driver is used to. If going alone in the Outback, make sure to rent a Four Wheel Drive vehicle. Also be sure to have all the necessary safety equipment (water, flashlights, jack, spare tire, extra oil etc.) as you can expect a long wait before any help will/might show up.

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