The verbal section requires you to either read passages and synthesize information from them, or prove that you know the definition of tough words. You'll have 30 minutes to complete 30 questions. There are four different types of questions you'll encounter:

1. Reading comprehension: You'll read several paragraphs about exciting topics like the economics of the Guatemalan broccoli industry and answer questions about it.

2. Sentence completion: You'll be presented with a sentence with a missing word, and you pick which word best completes the sentence.

I am going to sit next to you on this bench and hold your hand because I _______ you.
a) hate
b) eat
c) shoot
d) humiliate
e) like

3. Analogies: You'll be presented with two words that have a relationship with each other, and you'll have to pick another pair of words that have the same type of relationship to each other.

a) dog : cat
b) eat : food
c) oopsy : daisy
d) hello : goodbye
e) sad : frown

4. Antonyms (opposites): You'll be presented with a word, and you'll have to pick the word that is the most opposite.

a) eat
b) dog
c) throw
d) President Clinton
e) down

By the way, the answer to all of these questions is e).

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