A diaphragm is a soft, rubber dome that fits over the cervix, and it MUST be used with spermicide each time you have intercourse (even if you have sex two, three, or 100 times in an evening). You'll have to have to be fitted for a diaphragm by a gynecologist and shown how to insert/extract it. Diaphragms can be really hard to insert properly, especially because they're greased with spermicide. Practice makes perfect, so practice popping it in and out while you're watching Friends (just make sure you're friends aren't over watching it too).

Diaphragms must be inserted at least 6 hours before sex, and should stay in place 6 to 8 hours after intercourse. 18 out of 100 women get pregnant using diaphragms during the first year of use. They cost about $20 (plus the cost of the examination and the spermicide-$10 a tube).

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