A few youth-friendly styles to consider:

  • Eclectic - Also known as the "thrift shop" look, eclectic is a popular choice for many first-time apartment dwellers. It mixes the vintage with the new, the ugly with the stylish, the practical with the weird. Eclectic can look kind of hip and bohemian if it's done right, and awful if it's done wrong. If you don't want to take the risk, move on.

  • Traditional - The traditional style is just what you think it would be - matching wood furniture, a comfy plaid couch, and colorful, coordinating accessories. Smart, functional and straightforward, apartments done in this style tend to look friendly and pulled-together.

  • Ethnic - Go for an Asian look, with paper lanterns, hand-painted tables and curtains made from kimono fabric. If India is more your speed, try Batik-print pillows, velvet drapes and plenty of candles.

  • Minimalist - Picture this: A black leather couch, a postmodern painting on the wall, and a glass coffee table holding nothing but an empty vase. No knickknacks or curtains.

  • Kitsch - This style is definitely for people with a sense of humor. Kitsch is over-the-top, cartoonish, playful, and cheesy. Total Vegas. It's achieved almost exclusively through accessories, so keep your furniture basic so it can serve as a backdrop.

  • Interest-specific - Have a passion you'd like to flaunt? Decor to the rescue. Just put your hobbies on the walls (though you should test it out in the bathroom first).

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