We here at SoYouWanna.net are a bit rebellious, so we've chosen to sack the traditional "seasonal" categories in favor of those put forth by style maven Doris Pooser in her book Secrets of Style. They are: Deep, Light, Bright, Muted, Warm and Cool.

Deep (Vivid coloring)
Hair: Dark-Black, dark brown, chestnut, auburn. Eyes: Deep-Brown, brown-black, hazel, rich green, olive. Skin: Beige, olive, bronze. Recommended colors: Those that are medium to deep in range, like navy, deep brown, blue, purple, charcoal gray, emerald green, mahogany.

Light (Soft, delicate, fair coloring)
Hair: Light to dark blond, ash blond, golden blond. Eyes: Blue, blue-green, green, aqua. Skin: Light-Ivory to soft beige, pink, peach. Recommended colors: Those that are medium to light and are neither too warm nor too cool, such as grayed-navy, blue-green, turquoise, cocoa, light to medium blue, coral pink, light to medium pink-orange.

Bright (Contrast in color of hair and skin tone)
Hair: Medium to dark-Ash brown to golden brown, black. Eyes: Bright and clear-Blue, blue-green, turquoise, steel gray, light hazel. Skin: Light-Ivory, porcelain, beige, translucent quality. Recommended colors: Clear, primary colors like true red, true green, true blue. Also try aqua, violet, bright pink, periwinkle.

Muted (Neutral look)
Hair: Medium range-Medium ash brown to dark ash blond. Eyes: Gray-green, hazel, brown-green, brown, dark green. Skin: Ivory, beige, bronze, golden. Freckles and ruddiness common. Recommended colors: Soft, blended shades that are neither too warm nor too cool, including rose-brown, blue-green, salmon, rust, watermelon, medium green, warm pink.

Warm (Total golden glow)
Hair: Medium range-Blond or brown with gold, red or strawberry highlights. Eyes: Warm-Green, hazel, brown, topaz, blue-green, teal. Skin: Golden-Beige, ivory, bronze. May have freckles. Recommended colors: Those that reflect a golden tone, such as beige, peach, yellow, warm red, golden brown, camel, moss green.

Cool (Softer look)
Hair: Ash brown. Eyes: Cool-Rose-brown, gray-brown, gray-blue. Skin: Cool-Beige, rose-beige, pink. Recommended colors: Those that reflect a gray or blue tone, such as plum, lavender, burgundy, pink, blue-green, slate.

Remember that certain colors-like black, white, gray, navy, true red and true green-are considered "universal," meaning they can be worn with flair by anybody. Also remember that playing around with color is fun, so don't feel tied down to a limited palette of hues. Similarly, if you find that you were not represented by any of the above categories, don't despair. Wear colors that you feel comfortable in, or ask friends what shades suit you best.

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