1. Call professional associations (which often do national surveys on salaries).

2. Quiz your other friends in the industry at other companies.

3. Ask your career counseling service (if you're still in or just out of college).

4. Go online. Some free sites include JobStar, Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Wall Street Journal, and America's Career Infonet.

5. Check the classifieds. Just look at the salaries offered for jobs similar to yours to get an idea, but remember that the employers could be low-balling or high-balling the salary depending on the current demand for such professions.

6. Try your human resources department. They may release pay ranges for job titles, especially if it is a large company.

7. You may want to feel out co-workers on the topic but be very, very careful. If you work for a company where everyone knows what everyone else makes, you have something to go on. But other companies and people like to keep that information top secret. In fact, it can be a punishable offense at some firms.

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