The best way to find a good store is to ask for a referral from friends and co-workers who you think dress well. Maybe approach him and say "Wow, that's a great suit where'd you get it?"

In any case, be prepared to invest your time as well as your money in your suit purchase. You should wear a dress shirt and shoes to the store so that you'll get an accurate idea of how it will look when worn properly. Try on a very expensive suit first, just to get an idea of how a really good suit looks, how it hangs, and the feel of the fabric. Then break the news about your budget to the salesperson. He will cry. You will laugh.

Which brings up another good point: a friendly, knowledgeable salesperson will be a tremendous help in finding your ideal suit. This is why the referral is so critical. You're going to be spending quite a bit of time with him or her, and will probably end up relying on his or her opinion a great deal. And it's important that (s)he is able to retain a sense of humor when replacing the really expensive suit on the rack. Your salesperson should also have definite opinions (as opposed to simply telling you "whatever you like"), because if (s)he is knowledgeable about current fashion trends, (s)he will be able to steer you away from disasters.

Be honest with the salesperson when you don't like something or if it feels uncomfortable. If you're on the big or tall side, it might mean that you have to go to a "big and tall" store. Unfortunately, "big and tall" stores will also have bigger, taller prices a sad but true fact.

Keep your eyes open for sales, and don't be afraid to try custom tailoring (when a suit is specifically made for you, as opposed to simply being tailored). This goes for you Joe Averages as well. There is nothing like the fit of a custom suit, because it was made to fit only you. Phone around for quotes, and compare the price. It could probably be had for less than $500, including the material.

Some popular men's stores include Today's Man and The Men's Warehouse. But again, we advise that you ask a well-dressed friend.

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