• Heracles, who is also known as Hercules, was the ultimate Greek jock. He was born to the god Zeus and the human Alcmena. As a baby, Heracles strangled two deadly snakes and as a teenager, he slew the ferocious Lion of Cithaeron, saving the life of a king. Heracles also drove a chariot, was a major wrestler, and was a master at archery and fencing. To nurture his cultural side, he could also play the lyre.

  • Jason is known as the "King of the Argonauts." The Argonauts' mission was to search for a special ram with gold fleece. Jason wanted to find the Golden Fleece because having it would save the land from famine and infertility. Jason was able to seize the golden fleece with the help of Medea. She gave him a special drug that would make him temporarily invincible.

  • Cassandra was the daughter of the King of Troy (as in Trojan War), and was endowed with the power of prophecy. The god Apollo was in love with her, and made her promise to return his advances. At first she consented, but then later changed her mind. Apollo was so upset by her rejection that he stripped her of her powers of persuasiveness.

  • Tiresius was the son of a human shepherd and the nymph, Chariclo. Tiresius was somewhat of a prophet, but was also blind. One story says that as a young boy, Tiresius watched the goddess Athena when she was naked and was blinded in retaliation. Zeus empowered him with the ability to see the future.

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