• The package should have a cover letter, demo CD, band biography, band photograph, and press clippings. With all of these things, how do you make it attractive? We have three words for you: KEEP IT SIMPLE. By keeping it simple and elegant, the A&R rep should be able to get a good feeling of what your band is like in a few seconds.

  • For the demo, use a CD instead of a cassette. CDs have higher sound quality and the packaging looks better.

  • Keep the band biography to no more than one page, and if the reader can't figure out within the first few sentences who you are, what your band is up to, and why he/she should care, then you need to rewrite your biography.

  • The standard band photograph is a black and white 8"x10". A smaller and/or color picture can be sent, but either way it should demonstrate your band's visual image. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a professional photographer. Poor college photography majors are great resources.

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